andrew distel

jazz vocalist

Andrew Distel has a creamy smooth vocal style that embellishes these songs with suave emotion… One of my favorite songs on this album is the final track that features just Peter Martin on piano and Andrew Distel singing a tune written by Johnny Mandel and Dave Frishberg titled, “You Are There.” This dynamic duo garners all my attention, with each musician as bright and special as that shiny star atop the holiday tree. They interpret this beautifully written song with amazing dexterity and sincerity. I replayed it three times…
— Dee Dee McNeil, Musical Memoires


1. The Windmills of Your Mind
2. My Ideal
3. La Felicidad
4. What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life?
5. You Stepped Out of a Dream
6. Nosotros
7. I Couldn't Help It
8. Sabor
9. She Was Too Good to Me
10. The Window Across the Way
11. Embraceable You
12. The Way I Feel Inside

Andrew Distel-vocals/trumpet
Pete Benson-piano
Hyosub Kim-bass
George Fludas-drums
Sammie Torres-percussion
Scott Burns-tenor sax
Andy Brown-guitar (track 11)
Joe Policastro-bass (track 11)
Dave Onderdonk-guitar

Andrew Distel's debut release in 2007 saw worldwide airplay and introduced Distel to a larger jazz audience. 

"With an eclectic jazz show, we can mix and match various forms, from a progressive new jazz symphony of David Sanford to a mainstream vocal by ANDREW DISTEL from his new CD, STEPPING OUT OF A DREAM, Michel LeGrand's, “The Windmills Of Your Mind.” The uncovering is in the lyrics and Distel's tasteful presentation along with Peter Benson's long evolving piano solo. “Like a circle in a spiral in a never ending wheel...let the images unwind..."

 —Dick Crockett

“Still Another Jazz Show” 

“The Voice” 

There’s a sensitivity that is clear right away and his intriguing sound pulls you in...
— Rob Lester Music Writer—Talking Broadway
  1. Speak Low
  2. Alfie
  3. One Morningstar Away
  4. Amor
  5. Wait For Me
  6. Who Cares
  7. Too Soon To Tell
  8. Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
  9. Your Last Song
  10. Into Each Life
  11. You Are There

Andrew Distel-vocals/trumpet/flugelhorn
Peter Martin-piano
Carlos Enriquez-bass
George Fludas-drums
Jim Gailloreto-woodwinds
Howard Levy-harmonica
Dave Onderdonk-guitar
Geraldo DeOlivera-percussion
Brian Schwab-trumpet
Raphael Crawford-trombone
Violins: Mark Agnor, Inger Carle, Katherine Hughes, Carol Kalvonjian, Andrew Tolzmann, Jeff Yang, Thomas Yang
Violas: Charles Bontrager, Benton Wedge
Cello: Jill Kaeding