andrew distel

ALBUM RELEASE EVENT Feb 17 8:30-11:30PM @ Sisters Brooklyn, NYC

Photography by Ryan Bennett

Photography by Zach Share @ZSharePhotovisions

It is this glorious voice which holds the attention and makes a huge impression here, from start to finish… The two main factors that make this guy a cut above the rest, is his vocal control and his immaculate phrasing. Maybe three factors, come to think about it; his stunning tone too, of course… We may well have just found ‘the next big thing’ in male jazz singers. Chicago’s best kept secret is out. ‘Micky Bubbles’ better watch his back!
— Simon Redley, Music Republic Magazine (UK)

Andrew Distel Short Bio:

Andrew Distel is a native of Cincinnati, and music has been part of his life for about as long as he can remember. Both his parents are educators and music lovers, and they encouraged their four sons to learn a musical instrument. Andrew, however, was the only one of the Distel brothers who had an abiding interest in music and taught himself to play his brother’s trumpet by imitating Chuck Mangione records. His music journey began in earnest in 5th grade when he joined the school band and started taking private music lessons. He continued his music studies and played trumpet in various bands throughout his years in public school, but singing was also a passion of his, and he found the time to sing in several choirs as well.


Distel began gigging in clubs as a trumpet player, vocalist, and bandleader while attending the prestigious College Conservatory of Music in Cincinnati. After graduating, he moved to Chicago in 2000 to continue his education at Roosevelt University. It didn’t take long for him to build a solid reputation as a talented trumpeter and an exciting, new male jazz voice on the scene.


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